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I make up a lot of song parodies off the cuff when I sing in the shower. For example, this morning:

Oh, I used to think that this song's patriotic
But then I found out it's just a drinking song with new lyrics.
There's a lot of rabble-rousing and language hi-falutin
but then I noticed that it's phrased in the form of a question.
Oh are we playing Jeopardy?
With our illusion of liberty?
Do we really know what this song means
or just that it's sung by celebrities?
Oh say for example we had to write a new anthem today
Would we mention smallpox blankets or Guantanamo bay?

OK not the most brilliant work ever, I admit. But you know, it's not like Weird Al has a whole lot of competition...I think that I could bust the song parody industry wide open!

Someday I should get around to posting my fanfic versions of Wuthering Heights...I might have to be a bit inebriated however...

I also, as you'd know if you followed me on twitter (@jenswildyears), want to write a song called "Stop Rickrolling My Heart."
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I think I'm going to start a new diet: the Whimsy Diet. Any foods are fair game, as long as they are cute, hilarious, bizarre, or fanciful. For example: cereal straws, baby food, starfruit, green catsup, alphabet soup that spells curse words, things that are arranged to create pictures on one's plate, themes like "flat food," "circular food," "green food," and so forth, foods with names that are fun to say, or hard to pronounce, or both, and anything that's a "____ surprise."

Oh, and dude! I totally fixed my bike all by myself! And rode 2.6 miles to the library (well, the second 1.3 miles is still a bit hypothetical)! My traineo exercise chart like, skyrocketed from all the aerobic goodness. Also, I didn't have to pay nothin' for gas!


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