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New story up on my writing blog, finally! (It's a creepy and perhaps slightly overwritten one, but I'm just tremendously relieved that I got through a whole story.)
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And, new Jane story up! Okay, granted, I just wrote it, but I think it's really awesome. Help me with a title :)
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Okay fine, I did it. I kind of um, wrote a silly little fanfic. It's Harry/Draco slash, but completely G-rated as far as their interactions go. (Of course, I never actually write anything that's G-rated in an overall sense, so, warned as usual that I'm a sick fuck.)

It all started when Draco Malfoy purchased a cursed doll from that seedy little voodoo emporium on Nocturne Alley. )

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New flash fic, kind of a take-off on a classic writing exercise.

So, I wanted to write about Star Trek. And yeah, I could talk about how awesome it was. How much cooler it was than I'd expected anything Star Trek to ever be. Or how hot Spock is nowadays. But heck, anyone could tell you that. No, I'd much rather tell you about something that I was hoping it would be that it wasn't: a boarding school movie.

There's a small subgenre of the bildungsroman that's set in boarding schools; according to a teacher, this originated back in Great Britain, which would make sense - the odd tradition of the upper classes sending their children away to boarding schools starting at a very young age. Anyway, I know I"m not the only one who appreciates it - I'm sure millions of Harry Potter fans would agree with me. If I explained it in very small words. So, I was hoping for a Starfleet Academy movie. I was hoping to watch young Kirk and Spock eat and find cliques and get in silly fights and have desperate homoerotic encounters late at night with their roommates. Oh well. I'm sure JJ Abrams won't be losing any sleep over the omission.

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New flash fic up! (Also, cleaned up the whole blog a bit since I finally figured out how to do jump cuts, nurrr....)

This one's a satirical look at writing workshops, kind of. I read a Lorrie Moore story and really wanted to play with the second person imperative. I know, I know. But being told not to do something only makes me want to do it more.

Also, I got a new computer! And some cute stickers for it!

computer: stickers:
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Instead of studying for my Latin test, I've been writing up a storm. Today, a tasty little flash fic. Last night, a dark dark story linked to my last full length effort. Also, on the bus, this haiku:

It was like licking
an ice cream cone dropped on a
meatpacking plant floor.

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Revised my homeschooling story. AGAIN. Back to the original title, more scene, more conflict, less sadness, happier ending. Read here; I can pretty much guarantee you'll like it better. How do I know that? Because it's shorter now too! Haha.

I still have another week to turn it in. I feel pretty good about it now, though. (Except on the copy-editing level. Jesus, I can't believe I decided to change the person AND tense. It's better, but was it worth the inevitable million errors?)

Dear lord this day is endless. My boss hasn't shown up yet and I have absolutely nothing to do. Which has been a boon on the homework front, but I'm starting to get bored and even Pandora's delightful conflation of awesome (Peaches! Pixies! Tom Waits! Johnny Cash! The Clash! The Talking Heads!) this morning isn't saving me.

Speaking of Peaches, I think that she should have put Veronica Mars clips into the video for this song, right?


Apr. 25th, 2009 01:11 am
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Instead of doing anything productive, or social, or sleeping, I wrote a really fucked up story. I want to call it Fight Club. I know I can't, but I really want to.

It's based on a true story that I read in a psychology book.
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Here is the second draft of the comic book artist story. I like it a lot better now, but it's far too long...Fuck.

Part of me just wants to turn in "Butterface" and see what happens...
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This is the story that I really wanted to write for my third story. I have no intention of submitting it for workshop, not only due to obvious content reasons, but because I pretty much decided to ignore everything I've "learned" from writing workshops and just write the kind of story I wanted to read. Cut for content.

Please heed this cut - graphic, aberrent sexual content, you've been warned )
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There's no feeling better than finishing a story. Even if I feel as though this story got away from me, a bit. Get closer to your narrator's consciousness, my writing teacher kept exhorting me last semester. This time, I think I almost drowned in it. It frightens me a little. I can't tell if it's really good or really bad or if it'll get workshopped to shreds. But still, finishing it feels wonderful. Your feedback (even as simple as "I read it;" "I enjoyed it;" "I didn't enjoy it") is welcome. And, for those of you who perhaps don't remember from where I got the plot, I'd be curious to see if anyone picks up on it, or if it matters. Sorry that the paragraphs lost their indent and that the cut is being stupid.


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