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Everyone makes lists of their favorite things. Books, movies, songs, ho hum. How videos! Before we begin, I am going to note that my favorite literary genre is transgressive fiction. So that should tell you something about the disturbing nature of a lot of these embeds, if you choose to play them. I'm not going to write elaborate warnings for them, view at your own risk.

10. Nine Inch Nails, "Happiness in Slavery."

Although there are better NIN videos in terms of cinematography ("Perfect Drug"), music (most of them), and hotness ("Sin"!), you really can't beat the sentiment expressed by this one.

9. Peaches, "Fuck the Pain Away."

Sick, wrong, retro, and hilarious! What's not to like? (Did you know she used to be a teacher?)

8. Lauryn Hill, "Everything is Everything."

This makes a lot of people's favorite music video lists. Well, with good reason!

7. Radiohead, "Rabbit in Your Headlights."

What does it mean? What doesn't it mean?

6. CSS, "Music is My Hot Hot Sex"

Again, a case where they've done far better videos, but there's just something so eighties and bizarre about this one. Maybe it's how UNhot Lovefoxxx manages to be? She's tired of being sexy!

5. Peter Gabriel, "Steam."

Guh...wha? I hear you say. Well, this video holds a special place in my heart, because it's the first music video I ever saw. I was forbidden to watch TV as a child (which obviously helped keep me on the straight and narrow later in life, right?), but this was on a video of computer animation that we got from the library. It was, er, cutting edge. (Actually, as I was finding it on Youtube just now, I was impressed by how well it held up.)

Stay tuned for the top five!

P.S. If you want me to add you to my friends list, or re-add you, feel free to comment or email me, kay? I feel a little bad about the purge I just did, but it had to be done.
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Books I'm having trouble finishing:
1. The Amber Spyglass. (What can I say, epic battle scenes, fucking yawn. I want more literary allusions, liminal alternate-history factoids, and bizarre character interactions, damn it!)
2. Perdido Street Station. (No, really, it's GREAT. I just kind of don't want it to end.)
3. No god but God. (A history of Islam. Interesting, but I just watched a documentary about it too, so I'm a little Islamed out. Also, and this is going to sound CRAZY, but its spine is broken, and I hate reading books with broken spines.)

Books I'm really excited about starting:
1. Towelhead.
2. The Road. (Yeah, I can't believe I haven't read it yet either.)
3. The Jane Austen Book Club.
4. Delta Wedding. (I've only read Eudora Welty's short stories.)

And on the movie front, I totally got Heathers from the library! Also documentaries about the Lascaux cave paintings and the Jewish Americans, and the All Roads Film Festival collection. Also, a movie with Javier Bardem that looks really depressing. Hmm...depressing...vs. Javier Bardem...maybe I should just rent Life in the Time of Cholera? That would be depressing in an entirely different way.

TV-wise, I still haven't brought myself to watch the last episode of Lost. Okay, but, this is the first time a character I actually like has died! (Damn your driving under the influence, Daniel Dae Kim!) I'm afraid I'll break down sobbing at the public library. Or not. Maybe I just don't want to sit in front of the computer at the library for two hours being subjected to Jimmy Kimmel commercials. (Yeah, my computer can neither handle streaming video, nor torrent, so...) Anyway, I also watched the second season of Veronica Mars (not nearly as good as the first, but still pretty awesome), and I got the first season of Rome (from the public library, surprisingly enough! I hope they plan on acquiring more HBO shows soon. And, uh, FX maybe? Not that I, er, love Christian Troy?).

And finally, I've been listening to...well, that's easy, just look at the "current music" and titles of my entries, right?


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