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Charles Bukowski, dead for decades, followed me on Twitter. Intoxicated by his spare sentences, I followed him back. Too late. He'd unfollowed me, leaving behind only a faint odor of alcohol and cigarettes, and a typewriter's echoing strokes. He used me and left me. I'm another one of Bukowski's followers. He's moved on to the next girl.
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Felt terribly sad last night, but didn't know why. Perhaps I somehow knew about David Carradine's suicide.

Anyway, feeling a bit better today. Wrote another Jane story, a fairly short one this time.
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My workshop on "Strands" went okay. Most of the class didn't grok the big secret. But I think I'm closer than I was, and I don't think that the teacher thought badly enough of it that it'll affect my grade. I do have a clear picture of what to change in the revision: frame it without the school-children conceit, since a lot of people seemed to find that insulting, and give more information as to why things are being censored, and drop more hints in general. I don't really want to spoon-feed the mystery, but obviously I'm withholding too much, as is my wont. I think just adding a few disclaimers about violence should do the trick, and expanding the fake wikipedia article.

Anyway, I've started working on something new. It's a reworking of Othello, tentatively entitled "Those Soft Parts of Conversation." Set an Ivy League college, with the following cast of characters:

Omar, a Qatari prince, who doesn't generally date women except for show, but is smitten by Dahlia's aggressive pursuit of him - an aggressive pursuit that leads to him doubting, however, that she's capable of keeping her sex drive in check around other men.
Jack, one of those closeted types who's closeted from /himself/. Everyone likes him...just not quite enough. Brilliant, witty, utterly misogynistic and homophobic, and delights in fucking with people for its own sake.
Rob, Jack's best friend, who's obsessed with Dahlia. Although not the brightest tool in the shed (at least, not bright enough to cotton on to Jack), he's a sympathetic window-character, and we get his perspective as a guide.
Dahlia, Omar's girlfriend, despite what everyone says. Feminist, a little silly, a little earnest. Heiress whose family is connected with Omar's family - it's just that no one wanted a connection so intimate.
Em, Jack's ex who adores him and thinks she can "convert" him.

Obviously, it's going to be a fun time. I think Jack's my favorite character (just as, in the play, Iago's my favorite character). He just says such hilariously awful things! Why is evil so damn appealing?

My biggest problem has been not seeing it as a play, but as a short story. Ah well. At least I have three weeks to work on it, and I'm getting an early start for once. (Already 1000 words!)


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