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Jul. 10th, 2013 01:19 am
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I've been rereading The Magicians and The Magician King by Lev Grossman. Pretty excited for the third one to come out! It's a polarizing couple of books. I know of a number of people who vehemently disliked it/them (if they made it to the second book at all). Some people have such black and white thinking about narrators being good people... No, there was something quite unpleasant about the end of the second book that I won't spoil, but would like to talk more about once I finish it again.

Anyway, I really liked this quote, this time around:

“What’s the correct solution?” Alice asked. “I mean, I know it worked, but there must be a better way.”

She took a timid sip of her wine, immediately followed by a less timid one.

“There isn’t one,” Janet said. “Or not a good one, anyway. That’s part of the point. This is Physical Magic. It’s messy. It’s crude. As long as you don’t knock the building down, it counts. And if you did it would probably still count.”


A lot of the "magic" is really about reading and about writing. I especially think that quote is about writing; programming too, really, which I am feeling more and more is basically the same thing as writing -- I had this whole paragraph written about how people's snobby genre preferences correlate to people's snobby [language/text editor/whatever] preferences, but meh.


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