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Bizarre dreams last night. I decided to start laundry as soon as I woke up, so now they're not fresh in my mind, but one involved Barack Obama and Condoleeza Rice (who was secretly a ninja, and had been forced to stay on in the Obama administration by some kind of silly sitcom-esque loophole) having a torrid affair and kicking a lot of white supremacist ass.

Last night I had pretty much as much fun as I've ever had: went to the Found Magazine/Watson Twins tour at Congress. The Watson Twins were lovely, the Found brother who played guitar and sang about the found notes was both funny and terribly sweet and sensitive, and the Found brother who performed the notes was absolutely hilarious. I don't think that I've ever laughed so hard, except at the Found Footage Festival, which was different, because that's more a cringe-y "oh god" laugh, whereas laughing at this is more a celebration of humanity. The only off note was that there were a bunch of assholes in the back talking really loudly and being annoying drunken louts, which would have been awkward on its own, but all the performers kept telling them to STFU, which only made them talk louder, so awkward.

Also, speaking of awkward, this girl at Brooklyn Pizza totally tried to make eye babies with me. It was very weird. I felt like I was being cruised in a bathhouse or something. Only time I have ever felt creeped out  by a GIRL'S attention and I don't exactly know why, but Summer does an awesome impression of the girl's leer. The end.


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